Expecting Hearts

Mission Statement


The mission of Expecting Hearts Inc is to bring awareness to PPCM (peripartum cardiomyopathy); a condition in which heart failure is caused in the last month of pregnancy or up to 5 months postpartum. The saddest part about PPCM is that women continue to die of this disease but most women who are diagnosed early make a full recovery.  Most of the time the lack of awareness causes misdiagnosis and undue suffering in women with this condition. The foundation will also work to bring awareness to heart failure in all people, not just PPCM related heart failure.    

The name Expecting Hearts was chosen based on the word HOPE. Expecting has a double meaning; expecting as in pregnancy because that is the cause of the condition but also expecting as in confident expectation; HOPE.   

On one of the hardest days of recovery post-surgery, I had a very scary event happen.  I was discouraged and scared. During that time, God gave me a word HOPE. Hope that He is with me and will never leave me nor forsake me, hope that I would be OK and He would get me through this hard season, hope for better days ahead, hope that His promises are Yes and Amen.  I was reminded of this scripture Romans 12:12 Rejoice in our confident hope, be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.    

Rejoice reminds of me praise: I would sleep to praise music throughout this journey. Praise music was my refuge and encouragement.  Friends and family would send me songs to encourage me. The words to certain songs got me through some hard days!!! They would remind me of God's truth, allow me to feel his presence, and stay strong in faith when I wanted to give up.    

For me, this journey is about Rejoicing in Hope. As hard as it has been or still could be, I will remain hopeful that God will finish what he has started, that He is not done with me yet, the miracles are not over.     

Because of my journey, I want to give back and hopefully help others through my story. I want to bring greater awareness to PPCM and heart failure. My hope is that I can be a part of spreading the word about this condition that takes the lives of way too many moms. Hope for more awareness. Hope to see doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and communities educated about PPCM and heart failure so that stereotypes are pushed aside making sure heart failure is recognized quickly so people are not dying or suffering needlessly. Hope that others don't have to suffer as I did. Hope for families. Hope that God will use my story not just to bring awareness and save lives, but to also point people to Jesus. Hope that all that we have gone through will be used for good!      

Hope is what gets me through each day!  Hope is faith waiting for tomorrow.